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2021 Spring Cleaning Guide

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

Spring cleaning is a chance to push the reset button on your home and catch up on all the cleaning tasks you’ve been meaning to get to. Deep cleaning your home and giving it a fresh start is necessary for both your physical and your mental health. From helping to prevent illness to decreasing stress, the tradition of giving our homes a good spring cleaning does wonders for the mind and body.

If you have started feeling the urge to throw open the windows and you can feel that that new-beginning energy that comes with warmer weather and longer days, it is the perfect time to start your spring cleaning!
Clear out a day or two in your schedule and dedicate the time to giving your apartment the love and care it deserves, especially after it has been your gym, office, classroom and more during the lockdowns and quarantines related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before you start, come up with a plan! Create a list of chores you want to tackle and create a schedule. Rather than committing to cleaning every item in your home, focus on the most important ones that will have the biggest impact. Here are some tactics for creating your spring-cleaning checklist so that you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment and see the most reward for your work.

  1. Choose tasks that involve multiple rooms.
Choose tasks that involve more than one room or item in the house. For instance, washing all the bedding, cleaning all the doors, washing all the curtains, etc. While these tasks might not produce a visible outcome, knowing these rarely done chores are taken care of will feel good and will give you a sense of accomplishment.
  1. Put labor-intensive items at the top of your list.
If you are having a hard time choosing what you will do and what you will skip, try putting the most labor-intensive tasks at the top of the list. This way, the chores that require the most out of you are getting done on a day you have dedicated to cleaning and you will not feel as much like you are missing out on something fun.
  1. Select chores that you usually dread.
The momentum you get during spring cleaning makes you more likely to actually cross off those tasks that you dread (cleaning the oven, we’re looking at you). And once it is done, you will be relieved of the procrastination guilt. Put these items at the top of your list along with the labor-intensive items (we have a feeling there is probably some crossover, anyway). Having these chores at the top of your list means you will not feel as bad if you do not get to everything else.

Sample Plan for Spring Cleaning in a Day

Here is an example of what a designated day of spring cleaning might look like:


  • Strip all the bedding throughout your apartment and begin laundering sheets, blankets, pillows, and comforters.
  • Clean the mattresses while the bedding is in the wash.
  • Empty every garbage can and recycling bin, then give them a good scrub, making sure to pay special attention to the crevices. If you have outdoor space, leave them in the sun to dry.
  • Put bags of vinegar around shower heads. Let them soak for several hours while you move onto the next task.
  • Slather the interior of the oven with a baking soda paste. You will want to let the paste sit overnight, so it looks like it is Chinese takeaway for dinner!
  • Change bedding wash and dry cycles as needed.


  • Dust bookshelves, the tops of cabinets, light fixtures, light bulbs, furniture, door frames, picture frames, etc. Start from the top and work your way down to the baseboards. Pay special attention to furniture legs, which often go overlooked.
  • Polish wooden furniture. Just like you focused on using one tool while you dusted, focus on one product here: wood polish. Hit every wooden item in your home.
  • Wipe down cabinet doors.
  • Clean doors. You have already dusted the frames. Now take a damp microfiber cloth (and maybe a Magic Eraser for stubborn spots) to the doors themselves, including knobs.
  • Continue changing bedding loads as needed. If you finish your loads, take down your curtains and begin washing those.
  • Clean your windows. Take down screens, clean window tracks, and shine those windows. If you can, wash your curtains.
  • Clean the rest of the glass in your home.
  • Spot clean upholstery and rugs.


  • Remove vinegar bags and scrub showers and tubs and clean the bathroom.
  • Replace bedding.
  • Hang curtains if you were able to wash them.
  • Return garbage cans to their rooms.
  • Vacuum under furniture and under rugs.
  • Vacuum the floors throughout the house now that the dust you stirred up from dusting has had time to settle.

Whistle While You Work

Did you know listening to music while you clean makes the job seem more pleasurable and helps you work faster? To help your chores feel like a breeze, WPM Real Estate Management has curated a playlist of upbeat songs, ranging from throwback songs to current chart-toppers!

What is on your spring-cleaning playlist? Let us know in the comments!