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5 Cleaning YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Spring Cleaning season is almost upon us and while the annual practice is known to have plenty of health and psychological benefits, sometimes the motivation to throw open the windows and give the home a good scrub just isn’t there. Enter the cleaning inspiration channels on YouTube! There are thousands of YouTubers who dedicate their time and energy to creating fresh cleaning and organization content for viewers just like you. If you are struggling to find the motivation to clean your home, here are five of our favorite YouTubers who can help!
  1. Love Meg
Megan is a 29-year-old stay-at-home mom from Savannah, Georgia who makes videos about motherhood, organization, decluttering, lifestyle and more. Megan posts videos to her channel – Love Meg - several days a week. For some serious motivation, check out her Ultimate Cleaning Motivation playlist, which has over 280 videos to inspire you to tackle every task on your cleaning to-do list.

  1. Brianna K
Brianna is stay-at-home mom of three currently living in Hawaii. In addition to cleaning motivation, she also shares videos about pregnancy, homemaking, decorating, and more. Brianna posts to her channel – Brianna K – every Monday. If you’re unsure where to start with your spring cleaning, check out her 2021 Extreme Spring Cleaning Series playlist!

  1. This Crazy Life
Amanda is a stay-at-home mom who shares videos about cleaning, affordable room makeovers, cooking and more on her channel This Crazy Life. If a major decluttering is on your spring cleaning, checklist, check out her Whole House Declutter With Me 2021 playlist.

  1. Carissa Cleans It All
For some serious cleaning motivation, room makeover inspiration, expert organization tips and more, look no further than Carissa Cleans It All. Carissa is also expecting baby number three, so there is plenty of baby and pregnancy-related content if that is something that interests you!

  1. Candis Halligan
Candis is a military spouse and mom of two boys who shares lifestyle, cleaning motivation, organization, and home decor tips on her channel. Check out her Cleaning and Organization playlist for more than 90 videos ranging from cleaning routines for working moms to speed cleaning routines.

Do you like to watch cleaning motivation content on YouTube? Who are your favorite YouTubers to watch? Let us know in the comments!