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Gift Wrapping Tips

u’ve done your holiday shopping and picked the perfect present for everyone on your list. Give your thoughtful gits the dressing they deserve and turn gift wrapping into an actually enjoyable event with these tips!
  1. Stick to a Theme

The stack of gifts under the tree will look especially put together if you choose 2-3 rolls of coordinating wrapping paper, matching bows, and gift tags. We like this Mod & Merry collection and this Simply Stylish  collection from Hallmark!
  1. Purchase Quality Supplies

The right roll of paper, scissors and tape can make all the difference when wrapping professional-looking gifts that will be sure to impress. So, make sure your tools are up for the job before getting started! 
  1. Gather Your Supplies

Before you sit down to wrap your first gift, make sure you have your paper, ribbon, bows, tags, pens, and other accoutrements on-hand. Keep them in one place all season long so you can easily locate them and pull them out each time you sit down to do some wrapping. For the true organization fanatics, a gift wrapping station like this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond will make wrapping a breeze!
  1. Wrap in Batches

Don’t wait until the last minute to wrap all your gifts. Wrap gifts in batches throughout the season to keep the act of gift wrapping from getting overwhelming. Turn on your favorite playlist, grab a cup of cocoa and turn each session into something enjoyable and relaxing.
  1. Follow a Tutorial

Really up your gift-wrapping game by learning a few tips and tricks from the professionals. Follow a step-by-step guide to get the cleanest lines, prettiest bows, and cleanest edges. There are even guides for wrapping those odd-shaped gifts so you can ditch the store-bought gift bags.

Do you enjoy gift wrapping? Did we miss any tips for making wrapping fun and easy? Let us know in the comments!